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08 February 2012 @ 07:29 pm
Too excited not to share!  
So the jacket I used for my Children of Earth Gwen costume was a very horribly feeling vinyl one I got for $4 at Goodwill, and I was always on the lookout for a nicer one within budget.

But when I went to put on the costume a month ago for our annual boxing day cosplay trip to a museum, I realized I didn't have the jacket anymore! And it was nowhere to be seen in my parents' house, leaving the only logical conclusion to be I must have left it at Chicago TARDIS. But still, not really a loss for something I got for $4 and always meant to replace. Until I started looking for a replacement. Leather and leather-like jackets are just not in this season and Goodwill was full of black leather jackets with huge lapels and nothing else.

I had the day off today so I went to the mall to search clearance racks for something that would do before Gally. Nothing. Then I thought, why not just try Macy's, it can't hurt to look. There I found all outerwear on extreme clearance, most stuff was $14.99. I found a Members Only jacket that other than the generous amounts of fake fur, would do wonderfully. It even has the right pockets. Since they were so cheap, I got one for everyday and one to turn into Gwen's. So I went straight to the salon I work at and took out my clippers and shaved off the fake fur from the lapels and cut it off of the cuffs. It had about as much fur on it as a small dog!

It's a little too tight through the shoulders and the arms are too short but it was the largest size they had. I am just scaled up a bit when it comes to my dimensions. Hehe. I could not find black leather so I got some vinyl for the cuffs and I am going to fold over and sew down the collar so it looks more like Gwen's Belstaff one. Oh and I also happened to find a new shirt at Goodwill the other day for this costume too. It's a little higher cut but close enough in color and neckline for me and it's much better than the old one (first photo) which is actually the shirt from my Mary (Tosh's alien girlfriend from Greeks Bearing Gifts) costume.

So, a week until I leave for Gally! And I'll be wearing this costume on the plane because the boots would take up the most space in my luggage of all the shoes I am bringing so I thought why not just travel in it. Can't wait to see you all!
scifilesliescifileslie on February 9th, 2012 03:35 am (UTC)
YAY for you and bargain shopping! And I hear you on the boots. Only I think mine will be lace up combat style ones I am using for my MD outfit. I can't say they take up less room than others I am bringing, but they will infinitely more comfortable for the 8 hours in transit than any of the other ones!
Darling Cryptidslytherinquoll on February 11th, 2012 03:07 am (UTC)
Yeah I have decided to use the same shoes for my Marwood and my femme Seven in order to make space for the serious pumps I just had to have from Goodwill because I don't see any time in my near future other than lobbycon for me to get away with wearing three inch heels.
Darling Cryptidslytherinquoll on February 11th, 2012 05:29 am (UTC)
Okay so I just measured the shoes and they're actually more than five inches. Hehehe that makes me 6'2" with them on. :)